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It was autumn of 2012 that I left Japan and decided business in New York. Japan was carried on its back by the revival beginning of the East Japan great earthquake disaster every day about at hand. Japan in the future becomes absolutely not okay for the inner direction intention; therefore make its debut in the world! The determination at that time does not move slightly at all.
A mission of communication energy New York is to become the pilot lamp for a Japanese company to play an active part in global. I promote innovation of the Japanese company at digital experience business, business design business, three pillars of the person fortune development business while meeting various business model in New York where the highest information of the business gathers, and planning information and the circulation of the value and realize Japan and world private diplomacy.

Communication energy New York President Takayuki Yasuda

It is dignity of the life in pursuit of the human possibility

The letter called "the person" originally expresses the figure which a human being and a human being assist. However, as for the present age, is rolled up in a flow of the international competition, and is forced to bipolarization, and an egocentric way of thinking becomes mainstream, and a heart is really lonely; social. Doctrines of Wang Yang-ming person of the late Tokugawa period, Issai Sato "is in a dark night to hang, and to go in a dark night". I only stated, I ordered. I am apt to make another person and environment a problem without oneself imitating a problem (reflection) as is often the case with people. However, the thing ordering in a dark night is only light to merely burn to one's lantern. I do not worry about a dark night anymore. I act as one's mission silently so that any situation happens. The thing superior to this is the teaching that there is not.

A wish of we communication energy. More visitors work as the maid who turns on light of one's lantern, and it is to get over this time to be severe, and to be full of confusion together.
Communication energy Co., Ltd. continues walking it with a visitor in order to open the door of the unknown times by own power, and to succeed spiritually rich society in the next generation.

We support the creation of the valuable life in form for love by light to a person.