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Through New York OGC, we think that we want you to sense it bodily some other time "what kind of thing global is". Japan is an island among the seas and is a single race. There is it not to mention cultivated Japanese culture, power simply because it is an island. However, business in the future does not have the border. It may act in the business disadvantageously to have been surrounded in the sea.

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New York is the city where information enters earliest in the world. Tokyo is said to be five years late behind New York in every aspect. In a sense, in economic activities, the delay of five years means that it becomes "the deathblow". One necessary for present Japan is acting power with aggressiveness and sense of speed. Many companies of the world catch information to gather in New York quickly and make use for business to develop in Asia and Eastern Europe, all parts of the world including South America including the United States.


It may be said that the economic activities of New York are reduced drawings of the world business. It is necessary to spread culture peculiar to Japan that Japan is the world and fights in global, and therefore it is necessary to know the movement of the global community in timely accuracy to beat.
We look at New York, and what kind of change happens to oneself some other time? Through New York OGC, We notice a true Japanese good point and hope that it is an opportunity to be able to dig up their strengths. The details are this