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Web Consulting

The Web site becomes indispensable for a company. However, a lot of customers cannot utilize a Web site and the expectation is not possible, and it is the present conditions that there are many customers that it is in the Web site that only merely exists. Though it is a homepage to realize the idea of the company, why is it that a company does not come by Web site utilization? The technique that a Web site is special to inflect is necessary, and what it applies only in customers is difficult at all, and this is because a strategy is put up for a skill specialized again how, or it is unknown.


How ever, if you viewed from the opposite side, you can win on web if you can manage it with a strategy positively. In the Web to evolve every day, it may be said that robust information collection and creative mind to form image are method to differentiate from competing companies.

We introduce what's called AB test when we give a one example to improve the quality of the web site. We let the visitors read a page called A in 50% of them, and let remaining 50% read a page called B, and there is technique to plan which page was supported by a visitor. We work on the improvement of the Web site using such a various technique. It is the media which the reaction of the visitor digitizes the Web site and can manage. The one where a Web site has been already utilized, please sense power of analysis and the advertising production of the professional bodily.