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In the times when external environment changes busily like these days, it is very important attitude for the company to highlight it's problems and, have a lot of experiences by small failure early, then learn from the mistakes. However, only by an effort of PDCA cycle and improvement (kaizen)that represented by Japanese manufacturing company, we do not have the innovation to bring about a big leap. Again, it is important for us to experience small failure ahead and, learn a lot form the clients, then to improve our company.

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Dison of the vacuum cleaner maker is said to have repeated the failure of 5,127 times. However, 185,900 million yen, net income raise wonderful achievements of 56,300 million yen by the sales of 2012. Naturally business model, management plan, person fortune upbringing are necessary, but posture to learn from failure is important above all to build up result to give a result, and it is necessary to fix the saucer of a company accepting failure to run the company.


The business design which we offer performs connecting each point and point, the plan of the company, an action, feedback, and learning, in while, support to fill the ditch with the clients and the company.